Thursday, October 18, 2012

Steam Greenlight & moving forward!

After being rather busy for the last few weeks doing my part time contract I'm back to UDK. I've some ideas I want to track and implement:

Co-op basics:

  • two playable characters (ball-like robots)
  • each with differing set of skill (switching gravity, jumping, moving objects)
  • need to aid each other to finish a level
  • local co-op gameplay/controls/mechanics
  • switching between characters (to enable single player capabilities)
Stay tuned for some news in the days to come!

Steam news:

Furthermore, as Steam has reintroduced it's Greenlight for free (new concepts section), you can find this project on steam site now! In case you like it, feel free to endorse it or leave a comment. It is always appreciated to know what others are thinking. Thank you!

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