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In my free time I'm learning UDK and developing a small indie game (codename Gravity Speedrun, which explains the name of this blog ;) ) with gravity switching and puzzle solving.

My vision is to create a small demo with distinctive visual style and interesting gameplay and try luck in a kickstarter project. If that is successful, upgrade it to full game. Yet, currently it's a one man project and I'd appreciate help from anybody (artist) with some UnrealEd experience to shape things up and help me give it a visual style (as now it's using only UDK base meshes/materials/textures). So in case you're interested and would like to participate, please contact me!

Currently game demo is prepared with 3 playable levels with different approaches to camera and gameplay. Basically the goal is to collect all coins placed in level, overcoming obstacles, locked doors, puzzles while experimenting with gravity. It can be played on keyboard or using X360 gamepad. All controls are shown on HUD. You can take a look at the sample video:

In case you're interested, you can download playable installer for the demo game and you try it for yourself ( In that case I'd like to know your opinion, thoughts, ideas to make it better and more fun!

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