Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cookbook: Custom postprocess chain

In Unreal postprocess effects are set per level (WorldProperties/Default Postprocess Settings). But what if you want to have the same atmospheric setting for many of your levels? There comes the possibity to specify your custom PostProcessChain and reuse it in every level where you want it to be (and edit settings of all such levels just by tweaking one PostProcessChain).

What do you need to set it?

  • create empty PostProcessChain (right click in Content Browser -> New PostProcessChain, specify package name, etc.
  • setup your postprocess (double click on PostProcessChain):
    • you can specify a chain of different nodes (like in kismet) where output of the previous node is the input for the next one
    • UberPostProcessEffect lets you specify almost everything that is being set in aforementioned Default Postprocess Settings
    • MaterialEffect lets you use any screenspace shader you want

  • use it in level:
    • just select your new chain and use it in WorldProperties/World Post Process Chain

  • you can preview all parts of effect chain directly while in editor:
    • either use Post process effect/Show in editor checkbox directly in properties of individual nodes
    • or click on Game View button on your viewport panel (big G)
Postprocess off

Postprocess on

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