Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My UDK project (intro)

Maybe you all know that feeling. A dream to do something on our own without the necessity to bend our ideas according to some bosses and company rules/views.

Being a developer with 2 released multiplatform AAA titles (Mafia 2 and TopSpin4 by 2K Czech) and currently working as a part of Warhorse Studios on a new historic RPG IP (Hammerheart), I've always wanted to do something independent (and not to mention my increasing interest in growing indie scene with lots of quality games coming out lately...).

As my time possibilities are limited (part time contract for Warhorse studios), I've chosen as a testing environment UDK by Epic Games. I know it's scripting only, but lot of things are already prepared and engine is quite accomplished and usable on mobile platforms as well.

Truth be told, many things are really complicated to achieve (and slow to learn) but nevertheless, I have now some very simple prototype of a platformer game.

You can check some raw video footage:

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