Friday, September 28, 2012

Design ideas

Ok, so I have a sandbox testing playground of a game. But what to do with it next? Here are some of my ideas.


  • post-apocalyptic settings
    • broken technology everywhere
    • placement in space (old space station? stars visible through windows?)
      • still partially functional
      • main goal is to repair station (collecting necessary spare parts while moving through levels)
      • levels are not fully accessible at start, you need to push correct buttons, levers to open some previously inaccessible corridors
    • main character is a small robot (or robots?)
      • body is basically a rotating sphere with some levitating head/arms
      • cute stylisation as in contrast to bleak world


  • navigate through maze of corridors, get to the exit, fix given engine part, etc.
  • use abilities, solve puzzles to unlock inaccessible level parts
  • interactive environment: buttons, levers, inverse gravity fields, doors, elevators
  • with level progress growing set of abilities (pushing buttons, controlling gravity, controlling elevators, moving objects, etc.)
  • isometric top down camera?
  • co-op gameplay:
    • two robots with differing set of abilities
      • one can push buttons (opens door for other robot)
      • other robot can jump, move object (cover the hole in ground for other robot to cross)
      • ...
    • need to cooperate to unlock the path for other robot
    • good for singleplayer (switching between robots) as well as for multiplayer (each player one robot)

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