Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Diary: Co-op test level

[UPDATE] You can download the co-op test level demo installer here!

After a small spin-off I've redesigned co-op gameplay and put up a small, yet complex level full of co-op goodies to proof the concept. Camera is top-down this time as good overview over the level is essential.

Basically level is an get from A to B variation, consisting of various challenges that require co-operation:

  • two way buttons for opening doors (requires active presence of one pawn to open door for the other one)
  • different abilities of pawns (one is small enough to push through tight spaces, one is bigger and can carry items)
  • moving of platforms to create a bridge to cross the chasm, reach button, etc.
  • solving puzzles (correct sequence, subset, etc.)

Level is heavily based on using prefabs, kismet and archetyped entities, which saves a lot of time. One completely new feature is a puzzle that gives you control over all the actors in an area, allowing you to move them around to achieve your goal (e.g. create a bridge to be able to pass over a pit).

Don't forget to check the new videos on youtube as well! Two examples:

I hope you like it! In case you're interested in some technical background, I'm going to prepare and publish some tutorials based on my experience while working on this level soon!

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